RAFA – Episode 2: Focus and passion

 - Romain Vinot

In this second episode of the “RAFA” mini-series, Rafael Nadal tells us how hard it is to play at Roland-Garros and how vital passion is to his success.

Rafael Nadal during his final against Dominic Thiem (Roland-Garros 2019)©Amelie Laurin / FFT

From 18th May to 7th June, the dates the tournament was originally scheduled, we are giving you the chance to get your Roland-Garros fix! After taking a look back at the 2019 tournament, and before we delve into the archives to relive some of the tournament’s most epic matches, we invite you to watch this three-part series about the man who holds the record for the most titles in Paris: Rafael Nadal.

In this second instalment, the Spaniard tells us how hard it is playing at the Porte d’Auteuil. “Playing at Roland-Garros, on clay, the best of five sets, is probably the most gruelling. It’s a physically punishing tournament, which demands huge concentration from start to finish,” he admits.  

As well as hard work and natural talent, Rafa owes his success to the passion he feels for the game. “Passion is essential because I know I won’t be around forever. I try to stay positive and inject intensity and passion into everything I do.” 

Come back on Saturday 23rd May to watch the third and final instalment of this mini-series.